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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

My Left Foot

Have you ever had a moment when you knew you were going down, but could do nothing to stop it? A moment where everything happens in slow motion and all you can do is watch in embarrasment and horror as it unfolds? This past Saturday I was rolling along on my brand new skateboard, having a good time, when suddenly I could feel my ankle giving way like a wet soba noodle. Did I go down in a flurry of wicked acrobatics? Of course not. I just crumpled like a paper bag and hit the asphalt with a painful thud. When the guy at the skate shop handed me my board and said, "Enjoy your shred stick," I didn't know he was being so literal. My knee looked like it was on the losing end of a battle with a cheese grater. To make matters worse, my neighbor was pulling into his driveway and saw the whole thing. He jumped out to rush to my rescue, but all I wanted to do was to blend invisibly into the pavement. How embarassing.

So now I have to spend the next six weeks hobbling around in a giant Aircast that looks like a ski boot on crack while my fractured fibula heals. No more skateboarding for Da Piig this year. :(

:o( why not use the skateboard to help you get around? ;o) lol

hope you feel better piig!

I still think I'd watch Misery again, just so you'll be on good behavior...

Sorry to hear about your spill. Skate boards would be so much safer if they didn't have wheels.
Take good care of yourself and heal quickly!

Best regards,

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