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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 

Semi-Regular Picture Quiz

Okay folks, here's the first picture quiz on my new blog. I figured I would start with an easy one. Let the guessing begin.......

Dear Piigpen,

The picture above is a part of the chain of a bicycle.

Ms. Cool :)

Ahhh... a picture quiz. Life is back to normal. :)

Yay to Ms. Cool for correctly identifying the pic.

Be forewarned, though, the next picture quiz will be harder.

Hey, no fair...you should give notice that a picture quiz is coming. I was on the road today and didn't know that one was posted until MS. Cool called me to brag that she won.

Wow!!! I got it!!!! Another picture quiz, please!!!

damn! i didn't know where you'd gone :o( so i missed out on guessing!

welcome back piig!

Thanks, Aussie. And a belated welcome to the states to you!

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