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Friday, October 14, 2005 

You Asked For It........

As fate would have it, I have a Bird Update for everyone. I don't like this kind of update, though. There was a sad little bird laying on her side on the concrete this morning when I arrived at work. I believe she is a yellow-rumped warbler just like the one I rescued earlier this year. I hate working in a building with a huge facade of clear glass windows. At any rate, she's resting in a cardboard box that I have set aside for such occasions. I'll take her outside in an hour or so to see if she's up for flying.

Update on the Update (1:05 p.m.)

I learned something new today. A bird that has flown into a window should always be taken to a rehabilitator even if she seems okay. Swelling and internal damage can begin as late as two days after the collision. I wish I had known that earlier. So, I've talked LunaDyke into taking the bird to a rehabber at an SPCA 30 minutes away. Wish my little bird luck.

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