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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

If I Had A Rocket Launcher.......

I fucking hate my next-door neighbors. Fucking hate them. Thinking that hate is too strong a word or emotion? Think again. These assholes have given me reason after reason to hate them. The latest one being finding one of their dogs dead in my front yard this morning. Dead because the assholes daily allow their three one-year-old pit bulls to run unattended in their unfenced yard. They often dart briefly into the street while playing with one another. Which is what happened this morning, and much to Mimi's detriment a school bus just happened to be barreling down the street at the exact moment she crossed for the second time.

I'm finding it hard to feel my sorrow at the loss of this sweet dog because of my rage at her "caretakers." They have a long history of animal abuse. From the scars on one of the dogs, it appears that they use her as a "bait" dog for pit bull fighting. They are forever screaming at the dogs, who are extremely well behaved for one-year-olds, and slapping them as punishment for normal dog behavior like running into our yard to play with our dog when they see her come out of the house. And we think that they are breeding one of them to add more puppies to their dog fighting ring. Once I'm absolutely positive that the dog is pregnant, I'm reporting them to our local Animal Control office. They have no business housing pets of any kind. They recently let their two rabbits loose into the neighborhood because they "couldn't afford to keep them." There's no sign of the white rabbit, but we spot the black one in our yard from time to time. We've tried catching her, but to no avail. I'm a bit limited in my ability to catch anything right now with this cast on my leg.

And to illustrate how animal abuse is often indicative of domestic violence, one of the many people who live in the house screamed at his distraught daughter this morning when she wanted to comfort her dying dog. I guess people have differing ideas of what children should be allowed to see when it comes to death, but the little girl already knew that Mimi was severely injured. Why not use the situation to teach her about loss and grieving and comforting a dying companion animal? Whatever you believe, screaming at a distraught child is cruel. And the cruelty doesn't stop there. All of the women and children in that house are screamed at and at least one that I know of was punched in the eye by one of the men in the house.

I just wish I could snap my fingers and make all of them vanish. My partner and I have fantasies of secreting their dogs away in the middle of the night when they're out unattended. We've tried making friendly suggestions of how they might try disciplining their dogs with positive reinforcement, but of course they ignore us. I really hate people sometimes.

those fucks...

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