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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Like A Piig Out Of Mud

LunaDyke and I have been spending an extended weekend in Durham, NC. We usually save money when travelling by staying at cheaper hotels like Days or Comfort Inns, but we decided to treat ourselves well and are staying at a Hilton. I must say that on our first morning when I needed to get some change at the front desk, I felt a bit like a Piig out of mud hobbling on my crutch in overalls and a baseball cap (to cover my scary bed head) amid all the business women and men in their suits wheeling and dealing and drinking overpriced Starbucks lattes in the lobby. But hey, I'd much rather be sleeping in late and stumbling sleepily through a hotel lobby, schedule free, than type-A-ing it through another work day.

AND you were probably 100% cuter in your overalls and bed head than any of those finely coifed people.

oops. The comment above was from me - raffe!

I dunno.....my bed head was pretty scary. I think LunaDyke took a picture of it for posterity. If I feel like embarrassing myself I might post it.

go'on! post it! ;o)

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