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Friday, November 11, 2005 

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz

Okay, it has been a little slow around here. Let's kick things into gear with The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz. How about it? Any guesses?

Looks sort of squash-like. Perhaps the end of a zuccini?

yay! i'm first... and it'll be wrong... but my FIRST guess is...

a type of squash

i don't know why my comment isn't here :o(

I'm so sorry, everyone. I unknowingly had set my comments to be moderated. I was wondering why no one was taking any guesses. :(

If anyone's still interested in the quiz, so far there have been no correct guesses. You're on the right track, it is in the plant family, but not a squash.

Wait, I know! I know! It's a watermelon, right?!

[Please be a watermelon, please be a watermelon. I wanna win so bad. I want hollas!]

Po', po' LunaDyke. I'm sorry. I wish it were, but it's not a watermelon.

Think smaller.

This is bullshit. I call for a recount.

Unfortunately for you, LunaDyke, you have mistaken my blog for a democracy.


lemon? a very smooth lemon?

the thing that gets me is that i KNOW i've seen this somewhere... and it's annoying! arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Poor Aussie. Don't you hate that?

Okay, the time has come to reveal the identity of this little insanity inducing photo......it's an acorn!!

Thanks to everyone who guessed and put up with my Blogger stupidity.

Oh, and Raffe - I'm glad to see you were finally able to negotiate the comment posting process! It wasn't the same without you.

ok... i guess i've NOT seen one before *blush* but yes it was annoying! ;o)

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