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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Silly Piig

I owe an apology to anyone who has read my blog recently and has made comments. Especially guesses to the picture quiz. Days went by and I was very sad that it seemed no one was interested in my posts, especially the picture quiz which is usually very popular. I was relating this to LunaDyke last night when she told me that she had posted a comment, but it hadn't appeared on my blog. Sure enough, I had been messing around with my template and settings and had set the comments to be moderated without realizing it. *sigh* I miss my old blog location. The Word Press template and settings were a lot easier for me to work with, being someone who had never worked with HTML coding before last year. Not that HTML had anything to do with the comment blunder. That was just me getting used to Blogger the hard way. :p

So anyway, if anyone is still interested in guessing at this point I will post the picture quiz solution tomorrow morning. There's a small hint in the quiz comments.

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