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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Christmas = One Angry Piig

This all out Christmas Assault on America by rabid Christians is aggravating me to no end and driving me past mad. Seriously. Everywhere I turn there are crazy Christians screeching about the hijacking of Christmas by sinister secular forces. The latest example being the resolution passed yesterday by Congress applauding "the symbols and traditions of Christmas ." Okay you little crazy fundies, I hate to tell you this (well, actually I don't hate it), but this country was not founded as a Christian country as so many of you would have us believe. I submit to you this History News Network interview with Yale historian Jon Butler. Butler contends that religion played very little role in the American Revolution and the drafting of the United States Constitution. That our founders had a considerably abstract concept of God. They knew that the marriage of politics and religion was dangerous and coercive. We have only to look at the sorry state of this country now to see that wedding religion and politics is a bad idea.

Don't you guys get it that forcing your religion upon people causes nothing but resentment? Did you learn nothing from the Crusades and the Inquisition? I wouldn't have such a knee-jerk negative reaction to Christianity and all the trappings of Christmas like nativity scenes if you zealots weren't forcing them into public spaces with no regard for the religious beliefs of others. Where along the way did you guys lose your common courtesy and respect? You've established a pattern of bullying that would make the Crusaders and the Inquisitors proud. Why can't there be equal support for expressions of other faiths? How am I supposed to support your public celebration of Christmas when you refuse to support my celebration of Winter Solstice and Yule? How are practitioners of Hinduism supposed to support you when Christian leaders like Pat Robertson state that Hindus "are looking for the wrong god" and Hinduism is a "false religion?" I could go on and on with examples of Christian arrogance. When are you people going to grow up? This country is not a monolithic Christian theocracy. Stop your whining, get over it, and learn to share the religious landscape.


you forgot to add "AD TAKE YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR OWN ASSES!" :o)

I am sick to death of it, doncha know? Holiday v. Christmas. This is further evidence of Falwell's tactics of "feigned outrage" trussing up the Christian cause and all of them appearing oh so persecuted. A local radio show host mentioned that in the same light, some of the "Mega Churches" were going to be CLOSED on Christmas (which falls on Sunday this year) in order for their members to spend time opening gifts with their families. Ironic huh? Oh, but the churches were offering a DVD of a Christmas service in which their members could enjoy the holiday service in the privacy of their own homes. What's wrong with this picture? Jumpin Jeezuz on a Ritz, these people kill me.

Jumpin Jeezuz on a Ritz

I love it! Add some Cheez Wiz and it would be perfect. ;)

Right on!

In all, I ignore this silliness. This is not a real issue. Fox News has cooked this up, and even paying a minute's attention gives them what they want: our eye off the authentic, scary issues of the day. Think about: an immoral war based on lies, a president who now disregards the constitution without apology...they've even blacklisted the Quakers. TO have us arguing over the PCness of Christmas vs Holiday is clever.

I think this very much is a real issue. Like Piig said, it's an ever increasing encroachment by christian zealots who want to force the rest of us into a world where everything is somehow connected to, or governed by, jesus. While I agree that Fox News has made a bigger deal of this than normal, it certainly didn't invent it. For years now there've been fights over nativity scenes, how to refer to the holidays, etc. No one here is arguing over the pcness of christmas versus holiday. We're talking about an agressive move by christians to increase their stranglehold on religion, government, and politics. You better believe that is directly connected to the "authentic" issues you mentioned.

I would add that in no way do I believe that politicians are genuine in their public embracing of all this Christian government garbage. It's just another tool in their crusade to manipulate the Christian public into supporting their right-wing take-over of the nation. A take-over to gain power and to line their, and their corporate cronies', pockets. They are like the pious government leaders in The Handmaid's Tale who preached God's word in their public lives, but frequented hedonistic parties with sex slaves under the cover of night. I don't think we can afford to ignore all the small steps like this "War On Christmas" that could eventually lead to a country like the one in Margaret Atwood's distopic novel.

"I wouldn't have such a knee-jerk negative reaction to Christianity and all the trappings of Christmas like nativity scenes if you zealots weren't forcing them into public spaces with no regard for the religious beliefs of others."

Yeah, exactly. It wouldn't be my thing, but it wouldn't make me want to spit, either. I was in a store shopping for another-excuse-to-get-together-and-give-each-other-gifts day ;), and the guy behind the counter said "happy holidays" to a customer. The customer grumbled about it. "Don't you mean MERRY CHRISTMAS?" The guy behind the counter said "Happy holidays!" again, still friendly/cheerful. The customer repeated himself re: the merry christmas issue, and the guy behind the counter finally said "I don't celebrate christmas." The customer got all red and shuffled off muttering "Oh, well, fine, then, huhmm, well, happy hanukkah, or whatever, hurrrrm, hmmm, mmmff," et al. lol. People are stupid.

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