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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 

No Brainer (If You Aren't Invested In Patriarchy)

So, I was enjoying my breakfast this morning while reading the local newspaper's website. According to one of the articles, there's a growing concern and debate over whether to detain child sex offenders beyond their jail sentences - most often to a mental health facility. I see no point in committing these assholes to an institution when study after study shows no real reduction in recidivism after therapy. What to do with them then? I opt for surgical castration.

When surgical castration is mentioned, inevitably hysterical cries of "cruel and unusual" can be heard from all corners. Frankly, I'm tired of it. What I find cruel and unusual is letting a child rapist back on the streets to rape again. The average child rapist will violate 117 children in his lifetime.* One hundred and seventeen! Where is our responsibility for our children? How does a man losing the source of his testosterone and erections compare to saving over a hundred children from the life-scarring act of rape and/or molestation? It can't. Surgical castration is a minor procedure along the lines of removing wisdom teeth. A little soreness and that's it. And the almighty penis is still intact afterward (I find that many people think a man's penis is removed during castration). It's nothing compared to being raped.

And yet we never hear mainstream feminist organizations like NOW and the Feminist Majority Foundation even mention the possibility of castration as a tool against child rape. Children are, after all, a feminist issue. When are mainstream feminists going to step up to the plate to protect children? When are they going to risk male approval for the benefit of thousands upon thousands of children?

*Source: National Institute of Mental Health

I completely agree. Several states have laws prohibiting people who've been convicted of a felony from owning a weapon. Castration for sex offenders seems like the same thing to me. In both cases you are trying to block access to a "weapon."

As for feminist orgs... you hit on it when you said "mainstream." They're too busy begging for equality.

My grandmother's suggestion on how to punish a rapist, child or otherwise, was to cut his dick off and choke him with it. As usual, she's right.

Yay, Grandma!

Technically, she said to cut it off and jam it down his throat. I do like imagery a little better.

I promised POTS that I would respond to this post in 1000 words or less and it's killing me. This is a hot button for a former social worker and if I go on, I will surely hijack your blog. In short, yes, I agree with all of you but as simple as the solution seems, it isn't. In the 80's and 90's they were experimenting with drugs, sort of a chemical castration- without success. The longer the individual has been involved in offending children, the more sophisticated their techniques become and unfortunately removing the offending organ is only a small part of the problem. Perhaps something on the order of a lobotomy should also be considered.

BJ, I agree that castration isn't a cure all. If it were to ever become state policy, I'm sure a thriving black market for injectable testosterone would spring up over night. But hey, it's a start to thinking outside the patriarchal box when it comes to dealing with child rapists. As it stands, the almighty penis is given more consideration than children who have been raped.

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