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Monday, December 05, 2005 

Training Days

I spent this weekend helping Julie train for the Feline Olympics. Her sport is Tethered Squirrel Chasing. If you're unfamiliar with the sport, it basically entails a cat being tethered to a leash and then chasing unsuspecting squirrels gathering acorns. Points are given for style, agility, speed, grace, and actually catching a squirrel (although the latter is a rare feat indeed). As you can clearly see, Julie has her form down in aces. I am a very proud coach.

We practiced for hours in our front yard which has an abundance of acorns and squirrels. Julie especially loves training days as they involve lots of fresh drinking water and Feline Greenies - the energy snack of champions.

Wish Julie luck as she trains these next few weeks. We're going for the gold!

Julie looks so big in this picture! Maybe it's just the intense look on her face.

Actually, she's been beefing up for the competition. Kate can't call her "Skinny" anymore!

WOW! Are you sure she's not taking performance enhancing drugs? Maybe it's time for Julie to make a visit to her sister, Roz, for paybacks.

You won't find Miss Jules in the middle of a doping scandal. It's all exercise (squirrel chasing, furniture leaping, and sparring with Seji) and a healthy diet. Watch out, Roz!

She finally has a little belly to grab! Btw, Piig, you forgot "annoy the hell out of lunadyke" on the list of exercises. ;)

Message from Roz: "Wake me up before the formerly skinny cat jumps me."

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