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Friday, January 20, 2006 

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz!

I've been such a lazy blogger lately.....so instead of having no updates whatsoever, how about the picture quiz? This one is a bit different however. There's an image in it somewhere - see if you can figure it out.

It's a dog! Holla! Holla!

Holla! Lunadyke got a holla!

Well, that quiz didn't last long. I should have known you'd guess it right away, Lunadyke - you see dogs everywhere!

I WISH I saw dogs everywhere. It'd be much more fun than all these people. :P

there's a DOG in there???? WHERE?!?!?!

Hahahaha. Focus on the white parts - they make up the outline of the dog.

hmmmmmmmm... i *think* i see it... is it a schnauzer or something similar?

Possibly. I see it as being more of a lab puppy with her ears at attention.

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