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Friday, January 06, 2006 

Wayward Piig

What a slacker I've been with my blog! Blame it on my vacation time. And on the cool Easy Origami Fold-A-Day Calendar that Hedgehog gave me for Solstice. Every morning at the office before I begin my work in earnest, I fold cool things like cicadas and penguins. It's a nice way to start the day. And it has renewed my interest in origami, the art of paper folding. So I have been consulting the origami book that I bought a couple of years ago, and making new things. Hedgehog and I came up with a cool origami idea for the dinner party we're having tonight. I can't mention the details here, as some of our guests read this blog, but I'll try to post pictures after the party.

Yeah, and now I feel like some origami crackhead. Thanks a lot, Piig. I didn't think I would have the patience for it, but it is surprisingly relaxing.

Now I'm breathless with anticipation.

Yay!!! Pictures!!! Origami is fun. Maybe you could combine the photo contest with one of your more unusual creations.

Best regards,

Always the comedian, huh, POTS?

poo! I forgot and left mine behind! I was going to adopt the 2 little, tiny ones.

Not to fear, Raffe, we'll make sure you get one. And as soon as I can get the photo from our camera to my computer, I'll post the pic.

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