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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Year Of The Dog

Damn, work has been kicking my ass this week. That's my official excuse for taking so long to post pictures of our origami surprise from dinner last Friday.

It was our first dinner party of the year, and since 2006 is the Year of the Dog we decided to make origami dogs as party favors for everyone to take home. Aren't they cute? (You can click on the pics for a larger view.)

Hi Piig~
Oh, they are cute!!! The one on the far right looks like my Rottie Lukas. (I just wish Lukas would sit and stay so well.) You did a nice job on your origami, I am impressed. Thanks, for posting the pics!

awwwww. They are so cute...can't believe I walked away without mine.

Raffe... stop being all mysterious and posting anonymously. ;) Now you can check the picture against the two dogs we brought you last night to verify that we didn't switch them up on you. I think you should be ashamed for even *thinking* we'd switch them tho!

bJane, we ought to send you the Lukas lookalike for training purposes. I should warn you, tho, that while it might be true that the origami dogs are better behaved, they aren't so good for the huggin' as the real things. ;)

We miss you, Piig. Why can't they pay you to blog?!?! :(

P & L, at this point IF I could find an envelope large enough contain Lukas, I would seriously entertain a trade. As things progress with this super-sized pup, origami pets are becoming a more attractive option.

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