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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!*

Harvard University will finally be rid of that misogynist and racist asshole Larry Summers at the end of the academic year. An impending second no confidence vote by Harvard faculty has at long last impressed upon him that his brand of conservatism isn't wanted at Harvard. And god damn if his resignation isn't bringing all the roaches out of the woodwork. Leftist-hippie-turned-heartless-arch-conservative Alan Dershowitz, among others, is whining ad nauseum about the death of higher education at the hands of the "politically correct." How dare a university be expected to treat the privileged and underprivileged equally? What an assbag.

*I don't usually like to use the word witch in such a derogatory manner, but I couldn't resist using the Wizard Of Oz reference against a patriarchal ass like Summers.


Getting rid of Summers is a very good start to breaking up that "Boy's Club" which governs Harvard. It is loooong overdue.

Hey Piig, this isn't related to your post, but how about a picture quiz?

YES! PLEASE! It's time for a picture quiz.

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