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Monday, March 06, 2006 

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz

Let the guessing begin!

Eyeball? Possibly feline?

I think it looks like an eyeball as well. If the weather weren't so nice I might have guessed it was a satellite picture of the end of the world.

Hey, maybe it's a marble... of the chinese checkers variety. :)

Ah, that quiz didn't last long. Congrats BJ and hH! It is indeed an eyeball (of the human variety).

I have to be on the look out for some more challenging photos for this quiz....

Hey, no fair! You don't post anything forever, then you drop a stealth picture quiz. Is there anywhere that I can file an official complaint? Bjane, you didn't even mention the picture quiz. You're on my shit list, too!

Hey, don't blame me - Lunadyke and BJane were the ones asking for a picture quiz.

Y'all are just wrong. The odds are stacked against me.

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