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Friday, April 07, 2006 

Identity Crisis

My blog and I are going through an identity crisis. PiigPen has become lackluster at best. I’m not happy with this space I have carved out on the Internet. I want to add something positive and meaningful to the Universe, but I’m having trouble finding my voice. Having ADHD and depression doesn’t help. I often have ideas I’d like to write about, and I have great conversations with my partner that would make for good posts, but taking the time to sit down at my computer and actually formulate one can seem like an insurmountable task amid all the other things I need to get done in a day. My doctor and I are in the process of finding the right level of medication to treat my ADHD, but it’s a slow process. Meanwhile I still have this challenge before me to recreate this blog into more of a reflection of my true self. Nothing worthwhile is ever simple, is it?

Hey, hey, hey! First, I happen to really like your blog. I like what you have to say when you say it. (I also am addicted to the semi-regular picture quiz and wait patiently for it.) I don't think that your blog is lackluster. I read a lot of blogs that are practically empty of content other than the daily subject matter and the hilarious banter that follows. So, here's my opinion, take it for what it is worth: Don't put so much pressure on yourself to contribute what you think is meaningful, your readers will sort that out. You might be over-thinking your subject. If something strikes you in the moment, write about it. Screw the idea of a theme. There is no "assignment." Free yourself!

Amen, Sister Jane. She's right Piig. Hell, she even stays up until 3:22 a.m. to read your blog. Anyway, I enjoy tuning in to see what's on your mind. Your content is diverse and crisp...sounds like a good bottle of chardonnay, doesn't it ;)

Thanks for the encouragement, you two. It's much appreciated.

Hey POTS, I was in Taste Unlimited just yesterday looking at chardonnays. I veered away from the Australian labels.

Good, because you're name is posted next to the cash register on the "Do Not Sell" list.

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