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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 

For All You "Raging Feminist" Fans

Sadly, Raging Feminist will be on hiatus for the summer. Crimson Blog, the free blog hosting service of Raging Feminist, without notice simply disappeared a few weeks ago. Lundayke got on the bad side of a couple of huge, squirrel-head-eating crows in our neighborhood in the days preceding the server loss. Maybe she should have given them some sort of peace offering.....

Anyway, Lunadyke's summer is full with putting the final touches on her thesis, taking one last grad course, and working several on-campus jobs. Once fall gets here she plans to get a new and improved Raging Feminist back up and running on a different blog server. Until then rest assured knowing that she's still that lovable "angry dyke on the loose" kicking patriarchy's ass every chance she gets.


Aww...that so sucks. I was just fixing to ask you what happened to her. I love reading both of your sites. I don't always have time to respond but I am checking everyday for updates. Please tell her to keep me posted when she gets the new blog back up and running. I would hate to think I have lost it.

Thanks for the update. :)
Keep me posted :P

phew! at least all is ok... i was worrying! and tell her i wish her the bestest re: summer plans... and get thyne ass moving on a pic quiz! ;o)


Glad to hear that all is well and that RF is just on summer hiatus. I will be expecting to see another "fall season" of RF, so don't let her think that she has lost her audience. I too, enjoy both of your blogs although I don't always respond via post. As for you P'Pen, I am anxiously awaiting another picture quiz. Oh! PPPPPLLLLLLEEEAASE post one soon!
Best regards,
B. Jane

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