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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

Recreational Castration - A Modest Proposal

Lately my eyes and sensibilities have been assaulted by SUVs and huge pick up trucks with gross, saggy testicles dangling from their trailer hitches. Have you seen them? They're all the rage in my neck of the woods. How small must a man's penis be to actually sport a disembodied nutsack on the rear end of his vehicle? Isn't the huge, honking SUV/pick up enough to call attention to his lack of endowment?

I have a modest proposal for all you feminists out there who enjoy activism of the covert, illegal variety. How about we go on a castration spree? I'm adding a pair of garden shears to the "tool kit" in my car's trunk. Whenever I happen to come across one of these offensive vehicles, I'll pull out my trusty shears and do the world a favor by snipping the truck's balls off and tossing them onto its hood. I'd love to leave a calling card with something like You've been castrated courtesy of Cuntzilla printed on it, but I wouldn't want to leave my fingerprints behind.


Yes! I have seen these obnoxious things and there is a website which I think is truckballs.com UGH!!! Add a pair of gardening gloves to your pruning kit, I wouldn't want to touch those nasty bits, real or manufactured. ewwwwwwww.

Stay low and zig-zag.
B. Jane

I stand corrected...it's bullsballs.com
All kinds of helpful information about locking and chaining them to your vehicle to provent theft...sort of a chastity belt for those things. LOL

B. Jane

I've noticed a twenty-something woman driving a Suburban around town with a hefty pair swinging from the tow hitch.

POTS, would that woman go by the name of Puffy?

No, I think the Puffmiester would have dangling balls *and* an engorged penis dragging behind her wheels of the week )

*shocked* i saw one of those things the other day on a big semi (truck) ugh made me wanna hurl! who could possibly think this was something that is ok to hang on the towbar???? *shaking head* ugh!

Hmmm...June 20'06. Last post to blog. I pop in every day, waiting, hoping, watching for a quote, a pic, a story. Nuthin'. Yooo hoooo!

B. Jane

BTW, what's the count? How many vehicles have you neutered?

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