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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz

Back at long last. Let the guessing begin!

Is it a light bulb (looking directly up at it)?

It almost resembles the ghoulish green jello molds my mom used to make, except that it is missing the shaved carrots. Gotta think on this one. Thanks for posting the pic!! Actually, I think POTS may have already taken the prize, it does look like some sort of lightbulb arrangement. Hmmm.....

jelly shot? or close up of part of a traffic light?

All great guesses, but no cigar. Keep tryin'!

And ugh, what made our moms think that shredded carrots went well with Jello?

a cup of milk looking down into it?

OK, another guess. Is it a lighted LED on/off switch? I just looked at my "Caps Lock" indicator light with a 10x loupe and it looks surprisingly similar.
Beyond that my guess would be an electric eel egg or the rear end of a Firefly. LOL Is anyone even close yet? How about a hint? Is it manufactured or does it exist in it's truest form in nature? This WILL drive me nuts.

This WILL drive me nuts.
You didn't want the return of the quiz to be an easy one did you? :)

Aussie, would that be milk from a Chernobyl cow? ;)

Okay, BJane, here's a hint. It is manufactured.

I'll give everyone until Monday to figure it out.

OK, I am down but don't count me out yet. Suction cup? It looks like it could have multiple suction cups as for a soap holder or something. If so, is it the same soap holder that held the soap that you shot the bullet through? I can hardly wait until Monday to get the final word on this thing!
Have a happy weekend!

uhhhhh yes *paranoid* either that or it's in a grren tinted cup :oP~~~!

i love the quiz... and i love the answers we all come up with! they crack me up!!!

ok... manufactured... hmm... is it a part of a mobile (cell) phone?

or is it one of those fluorescent/glow in the dark stick thing? or one of those ice cube thingies that make drinks all lit up?

aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggh! lol

I'm gonna follow aussie's lead and guess a whole list.

- Lite Brite peg (In the spirit of full disclosure, I already guessed this. Piig told me I was wrong and then told me I had to post my guesses like everyone else)
- any other kind of plastic peg
- fluorescent green fake nipple
- christmas light

Hahaha....I loved all your guesses. Very funny, all of you.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for........

It's the top of the cap from a green dry erase marker. To be fair, I would have accepted a guess of any type of pen/marker cap. The photo credit goes to eecue; you can check out more of his macro work at http://flickr.com/photos/eecue/.

Thanks to everyone for playing. It was a blast.

Piig, you suck. Who in the world uses neon green dry erase markers?!

I can stop ripping apart my house now. I know that I don't have a green dry-erase marker. Drat! Missed again!
Thanks for the pic quiz! Looking forward to the next one. :)

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