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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz

The Semi-Regular Picture Quiz from the semi-regular blogger known as Piig. Enjoy the guessing!


Nope, oh ye of few words.

elephant skin

Good guess, but no, it's not elephant skin.

OK, I've been staring at this pic for two days. Since it is in black and white, I am thrown a bit. It does appear to be some sort of hide. How about a hint? Is anyone close yet?
Best regards,

B.Jane, this is actually a color photo. Weird, huh?

I'll wait for a few more guesses, and then post a hint.

I thought of pleather and some kind of animal skin too, but ya'll know that Piig's picture quizzes always confuse us by looking a lot like something they aren't. I for one get tunnel vision and can't think of anything but the wrong thing, so I'm thinking this isn't skin at all.

What about a tire?

This is my best shot- dog nose. I've been luring Lukas with potato chips and finally caught a glimpse of his nose through a magnifying glass. Oh yeah, I take these picture quizzes seriously! LOL
B. Jane

Surely, my pal BJ has it!

omg! bj! what an awesome guess!

Woohoo! We have a winner! Congrats, B. Jane!!

Sorry for the delay in responding. I was nowhere near a computer yesterday.

B Jane, that was amazing!

Awww geeeee.... I knew that I had seen that pattern somewhere. I think it hit me when I was cleaning "pupkiss" off of the storm door and car windows. LOL
Someone once told me that I had too much time on my hands. Do you think that's true? hahahaha
B. Jane

No such thing as too much time on your hands.

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