Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

National Slavery Museum

Via blackprof.com:

Bill Cosby and former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder are trying to raise $100 million for the building of the United States National Slavery Museum. The facility would sit in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on Civil War battlefields. They are asking that every American contribute $8.
Learn more about the museum here.
You can contribute here.


Friday, September 15, 2006 

Introducing The Newest Member Of Our Family

Meet Ada, the latest little furball to worm her way into my heart. Isn't she beautiful? She showed up in our neighbor's yard one morning a few weeks ago, and was hanging out at the curb in front of our house later that night. She was obviously lost and I just couldn't leave her out there with three pit bulls living next door. So I made a comfy spot for her in the garage and set out the next day with fliers to find her human (she had a collar, but no tag). A week went by with no calls, and a week was all it took for me to fall in love.

It's hard not to fall for a kitty with a personality as big as Ada's. That very first night she put her paws on my chest and touched her nose to mine. I guess I was a goner right then and there. Any time I try to leave she grabs my ankles. It usually buys her another ten minutes or so. I'm such a softie. I could go on and on with stories of her boisterousness and cuteness, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say, she's the world's cutest 9-month-old kitty cat.

Back to her story.... It turns out she had a terrible flea infestation and, of course, tapeworms. Yuck. I immediately took care of the fleas with some Advantage and the following weekend started a course of Droncit for the tapeworms after a visit to the vet. About six days into Ada's new adventure with us I got a voicemail from someone describing Ada (with someone in the background prompting her to say she's gray) and saying that she had been missing for three, possibly four days. Hello, your cat has been missing for at least 6 days (probably longer - she was starving when I took her in) and you think it's only been three or four?! Some may think I'm being mean in not returning Ada to her original human, but I can't in good conscience give her back to someone who obviously keeps her outside - unspayed, doesn't do anything to prevent fleas, and allows her to have an untreated tapeworm infection. Did I mention I have to take her back to the vet in two weeks to make sure she's not pregnant? Irresponsible people like Ada's former caretaker, if you can call her that, shouldn't be allowed to have pets. Animals deserve so much more than that from us. I didn't return the woman's call, and she hasn't called back even though she said she would in the voice message. Contrast that with a woman who called twice in one day looking for her brown cat who had been missing less than a day.

Even though we didn't really want a third cat, our house is small as is our budget, I'm glad Ada found her way to us. It feels good knowing that I'm helping another being have a better life.


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