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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

National Slavery Museum

Via blackprof.com:

Bill Cosby and former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder are trying to raise $100 million for the building of the United States National Slavery Museum. The facility would sit in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on Civil War battlefields. They are asking that every American contribute $8.
Learn more about the museum here.
You can contribute here.


where are you???

Hey Aussie.

Thanks for checking in on me! It's nice to know I was missed. :p

Back in late September/early October I decided to have surgery for a problem that had been plagueing me for some time. I wasn't feeling up to blogging for a while before and after the surgery, and when I was finally ready I came back only to find the whole new Blogger thing and I apparently did something wrong in the conversion and haven't been able to access my blog. I walked away from it for a while in exasperation, but I'm back to working on it again today, so hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon. Wish me luck! ~Piig

yay! hope you're doing good now... and to luna too :o)

Hey, I apologise in advance if this is off topic. I was looking for a contact form on your site but didn't see one.

Anyway, a while back I got kind of pissed off flipping between the O'Rielly Factor and Democracy Now, not so much because the had such completely different views, but rather because they both claimed to be objective. So I started coding a website that would allow people to be called out on biased opinions, where the community would decide which ideas get the most recognition. Well, after 6 months of work, I’m finally launching it: VocalNation.net

I’m placing the control of this site, and control of the debate, largely in the hands of those who read this message. I'm starting things off by just picking a handful of conservative and liberal blogs to mention this to so that it will at least start off with a good balance of opinions from either side. I'm hoping that you could mention the site to your readers? After that, I guess it'll be the side with the strongest arguments that'll take control dictate what direction the conversation goes. I've already had a number of conservatives sign up and a few have added postings, while the liberals seem to be lagging behind a bit.

Also if you don't want this post on your site, could you please at least let me know so I can add another blogger in your place to keep it balanced to start off with?

Thanks - Tony

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